Interview with Sandy Roth: Co-Founder of A La Mode Ice Cream!

Interview with Sandy Roth: Co-Founder of A La Mode Ice Cream!

This week, TWEE interviewed Sandy Roth for our Woman Crush Wednesday Series highlighting woman entrepreneurs and change-makers!

Sandy Roth is the co-owner, founder, and genius behind one of TWEE's favourite ice cream shops, A La Mode Ice Cream. 

Tell us about A La Mode Shoppe? What was the AHA moment?

We had already decided to open an ice cream shop. We have a chalk board outside that says, “100% egg free, sesame free, peanut free,” and a parent posted this on a no nuts parents group on Facebook. We started getting so many phone calls and tours coming in because their kids have never been able to eat ice cream safely! I couldn’t believe we were the only ice cream shop catering to this community. 25 year olds were coming into an ice cream shop for the first time not having to worry about cross-contamination. Then we decided to go nation-wide to distribute!

Who/what inspires you the most?

The people who kept their businesses going during this impossible year. We, like many other businesses, had to pivot to focus on e-commerce, whatever it took to keep going.

What is your favourite word?


What was your favourite toy growing up?

Legos for sure. Which is kind of cool because our ice cream is now in Lego Land!

If you could have any superpower, what would it be?

To fly, or to heal. Because flying is fun and healing is meaningful.

What is your rose and thorn for today?

Rose: We created a business that serves our community. Children make memories here.

Thorn: Letting go of control and learning to delegate. My husband and I love to work, but we love to spend time with our children more.

What’s your biggest dream?

That everyone has access to ANYTHING they need to unlock their potential. 

What sound or noise do you love?

My children laughing.

What sound or noise do you hate?

Children fighting, or even worse, adults fighting like children.

What is your motto?

You can’t buy happiness, but you can buy ICE CREAM!! 

What is your most marked characteristic?

I never leave the house without a cardigan... it can be a heatwave, I will still have one. Do not judge me.

Sherbet or Burgers?

Sherbet, or specifically our cantaloupe sorbet.

Donuts or Cupcakes?

Um........... Ice cream? Duh!


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