Friends are super special, and Mason and Sam have been inseparable since they were three months old. 

Mason and Sam, now both eight years old, met in a Philadelphia Mommy & Me class where they mastered eating solids, crawling and eventually running. Sam's mom Margaux is a Partner at TWEE and her best mommy friend is Lauren, Mason's mom.

At eighteen months and non-verbal, Mason was placed on the Autism spectrum.  

Originally diagnosed at CAR - the Center for Autism Research at The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, Mason spent many years in various therapies. After four-and-a-half years, Mason was able to find his voice and is now a thriving 2nd grader.

Since Mason is totally OBSESSED with space and the planets of our solar system, TWEE felt there was no better way to honor Mason and  his hard work then with a design especially for him: Mason's Planets.

Each box contains nine planets (we couldn't leave out Pluto!) all poured in multiple colors and have cores, layers, and crusts, just like real planets! The three large planets - Saturn, Uranus, Jupiter - have three colors inside and the six smaller planets - Mars, Earth, Venus, Neptune, Mercury, Pluto - have two colors.

$2 from every sale of Mason's Planets will go to
The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia to support Autism research.