Outdoor Activity: Flag Day!


Can you guess what TWEE Sidewalk Chalk and the United States Flag have in common?

Both are made in Philadelphia!

On June 14th, 1777 the United States approved their first national flag. So, happy 244th birthday to the American flag!

How can you celebrate Flag Day with your little ones?

  • Go to a history museum
  • Draw your country’s flag
  • Follow along with TWEE's special outdoor activity courtesy of Olivia!

All you need is:

  • One set of TWEE Sidewalk Chalk
  • Red painter's tape
  • Some star gel clings or stickers to finish it off!

We took today’s activity outdoors so we can enjoy some sunshine during our flag lesson. 

Before we filled in the flag, we used painters tape to keep the red chalk from getting to the area designated for stars and white stripes. 

When we finished coloring in the red stripes, we removed the painters tape so we can add in the white beans for the white stripes. 

My kids had a lot of fun peeling off the painters tape!

We also removed the painters tape in the stars area and colored it in with blue chalk and added star gel clings for the final touch.”


Our flag’s birthday is today, but this summer there will be plenty more reasons to celebrate!

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