Kids Activity: Pride Day!

June is Pride Month! Pride Month honors the LGBTQ+ community's struggle towards equal rights, and is also a celebration of joy and liberation! 

You may know of the rainbow pride flag... but did you know there’s meaning behind each of the stripes?

Red: Life

Orange: Healing

Yellow: Sunlight

Green: Nature

Blue: Serenity

Purple: Spirit

On Philadelphia’s own Pride flag, the black and brown stripes represent the experiences of people of color in LGBTQ+ communities.

Join TWEE in celebrating Pride month with this rainbow macaron activity, courtesy of Olivia:

"I reused my pastel rainbow rice and added TWEE Petite Macaron Sidewalk Chalk, pom poms, wooden tools and colorful egg holders. The Macaron Sidewalk Chalks are so gorgeous and are perfectly sized for little hands. My kids had so much fine motor practice with all the items in this sensory bin!"


Supplies needed to make colored rice:

🌈 acrylic paint 

🌈 rice

🌈 parchment paper

🌈 tray

🌈 hand sanitizer 

🌈 ziploc bag



1. Choose your colors and add into a ziploc bag. One color in each bag. So if you want to make six colors, then you will need six ziploc bags. 

2. Depending on the amount of rice, add acrylic paint in the bag with the rice (I eyeballed it). 

3. Add a drop of hand sanitizer into the ziploc so it helps spread the paint. 

4. Close the bag, shake the bag and move the rice around so that the colors spread around the bag. 

5. Place parchment paper on a tray and spread the painted rice on the tray. Let it dry for 30 minutes. 

6. Place your pom poms, TWEE Sidewalk Chalk, or other toys in the sensory bin.


TWEE hope you and your little ones had fun with this Pride Day sensory bin!

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