Kids Activity: Learning Numbers with Fortune Cookies!


Did you know? Learning math through play helps develop:

1. Problem solving and the sense of cause and effect.

2. Creativity, independence, and imagination!

3. Fine and gross motor skills.

Get your little ones excited about counting with this simple math activity using Fortune Cookie Sidewalk Chalk, courtesy of Olivia.

"Using physical objects such as these sidewalk chalks can be used as a teaching tool to engage little ones in hands-on learning of mathematics.

I had my four year old try to read the words one and two with the letter chalks as well as tell me which side had more fortune cookies (one cookie vs two cookies)."



1. On separate trays or areas on a flat surface, spell out the numbers one, two, and three. 

2. Encourage your little one to create sets of Sidewalk Chalk that correspond with the numbers.

3. For an added layer of learning, try adding the sets together! Or, to improve motor skills, try using a gripping tool such as tongs or chopsticks to move the pieces. 


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