Interview with Hannah Lavon: Founder of Pal Socks!


This week, TWEE interviewed Hannah Lavon, to learn more about the genius behind Pal Socks!

Pal Socks are adorable, collectable socks that come paired as two friends that don't match to celebrate our differences. 


Tell us about Pal Socks?- What was your “Aha” moment?

Pals are colorful, design led, collectible socks that come paired as two friends that don’t match. They show kids how fun it is to be friends with someone different than them. I just felt we needed to create an easy conversation about bullying and hate with future adults and decision makers.

As an entrepreneur- what are the three pillars that guide how you run your company?

Be friendly, Be honest, Stand up to hate

What is your motto?

A flower does not think of competing with the flower next to it. It just blooms.

Unicorns or Narwhals? Burgers or Sushi?

Unicorns! I could have sushi every day so…

Who/ what inspires you the most?

Currently any working mom, especially work from home. It’s hard! I am a new mom and was blissfully unaware of the challenges until a few months ago. 

What was your favorite toy growing up?

I was really into my plushies, and Barbie, had huge collections of both. Can’t forget my Super Nintendo or Gameboy!